Off Season Hours
Thursday & Friday open at 4:00pm
Saturday & Sunday open at noon for lunch & dinner at 4:00pm
call for reservations 443-664-5687

​​​​​​​$15 Dinner Specials on Thursday & Sunday nights


In May 2013, Jay and Krista Ball opened Cafe Mirage.  Revamping the previous restaurant -by the same name- and offering residents and visitors an eatery which features a menu of meals you might experience at their own dinner table.  

With a mix of modern American dishes, and flavors that Jay came to love from their time in the Caribbean, Cafe Mirage features local ingredients, homemade recipes and made-to-order meals.

Cafe Mirage Bar
Come see our new bar and recently expanded dining room and our dog friendly patio!

Featured Cocktails Summer 2019:
Strawberry Basil Mule: House Fresh Berry Puree, Basil Vodka and Ginger Beer
Berry Lemonade: Fresh Berry Puree, Vodka, Highlighted with Lemonade
Islamorada: Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice blended with the tropical taste of Coconut Rum
Cranberry Pick: Vodka, Freshly Brewed Tea, and highlighted with Cranberry and mint
Strawberries and Cream: Whipped Cream Vodka, house fresh Berry Puree & a splash of Ginger Ale
Garden Martini: Vodka based with infusion of Garden Goodness